Our Story

Over the years, we have recognized that most organizations face numerous problems in managing their own Intellectual Property, notwithstanding the lack of knowledge on the existence of intellectual property in some cases. IP is a prized strategic and financial asset for every organization.


As with other resources, IP should be judiciously managed and the value be known. With inappropriate management, organizations may be unaware of their IP assets, the value or benefits, or may find themselves in unnecessary risks especially with IP owned by third parties.

As a result, we have developed a unique blend of IP services offering that covers the whole spectrum of Intellectual property, from creation to commercialization. We offer a full range of intellectual property solutions an entrepreneur, senior executive, or small, medium or large business might require.We recognize the true value of your creativity and innovation and the need to secure the resultant IP assets. We are also driven by the need to guide our global clients in navigating the African IP landscape.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the provision of a unique blend of bespoke intellectual property services across industries.

Our Mission

We are driven by the need to support our clients in putting in place appropriate IP Management practices that allow them to extract maximum value from their creativity and innovation.


Our high-quality client services and results are anchored on the fundamental principles that guide us in all our engagements:

Client Commitment – In-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements and maximizing the value of our services to their requirements.

Quality – Delivering outstanding results and exceeding client expectations in all aspects of our work.

Teamwork – We believe in the value of working together internally within our teams and externally with our clients and stakeholders.

Reliability – We fulfill our commitment to our clients with integrity.