Africa IP Services
Through our Africa Office, we offer reliable, efficient and cost effective ARIPO, OAPI and Zimbabwe IP protection services through our online store.

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15 years of combined experience in providing IP solutions in the Middle East and Africa.

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All-inclusive service charges, no hidden costs or mark ups.
Our Most Popular Services

Competitive all-inclusive service charges, no hidden costs or mark ups.

ARIPO Trademark Recordal

The fees cover recordal of license/registered user for one mark in one class in 10 (ARIPO Banjul Protocol) Member States

ARIPO Trademark Renewal

The fees cover ARIPO trademark renewal in one class per designated State in 10 (ARIPO Banjul Protocol) Member States.

ARIPO Trademark Registration

Filing and prosecution of one trade mark application in one class and official fees under Banjul Protocol in 10 ARIPO Member States.