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Trademark Registration in the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates has always been pro-active in protecting brands of companies and individuals doing business in the country’s seven Emirates. The country’s Trademark Law is always updated to meet international standards and global trends.

    Our Mission

    We are driven by the need to support our clients in putting in place appropriate IP Management practices that allow them to extract maximum value from their creativity and innovation.

    Our Vision

    To be the leader in the provision of a unique blend of bespoke intellectual property services across industries.

    Requirements for Registering a Trademark in the UAE

    Full Name and address of the applicant;
    Power of attorney executed by the applicant duly notarised by a Notary Public OR legalised up to the UAE consulate for applicants outside UAE;
    List of goods/services to be covered by the application;
    Soft copy (electronic copy) of the trademark/logo to be registered;
    A certified copy of the priority application, if priority is claimed.

    Benefits of Trademark Registration in the UAE

    Securing your business

    Trademarks will secure your business from unfair practices such as the use of similar or confusingly trademarks by anyone operating within the UAE market.

    Brand stability

    Trademark registration provides you with security and strong stability for your brand. A trademark naturally creates a brand perception of authenticity and transparency among the brand’s consumers.

    Legal Advantage

    A registered trademark is the best proof of ownership. When you want to enforce your trademark rights in litigation, it will be easy to prove ownership and rights through a certificate of registration issued by the relevant authority in UAE.

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